We believe that collaboration between startups and enterprises is a driver for innovation thus large-scale value creation.
— Magnus Melander, Co-founder and IoT Evangelist, THINGS

THINGS is the number one hub for hardware and industry oriented entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale-ups in Sweden. It is a 2000 m2 co-working space at KTH Campus down-town Stockholm for selected start-ups with hardware as part of their solution, and with global ambitions. Our current focus areas are Internet of Things, Automation, Robotics, 3D scanning/printing and Energy. 

THINGS is independent from investors and manufacturers, allowing you to develop your company according to your specific needs. With a community of 40-50 strong tech startups, your company will be able to share challenges and successes with 150 other passionate entrepreneurs. Members have access to unparalleled prototyping and testing capabilities. Furthermore our partnerships with some of Sweden's most successful and innovative export companies enable early input on market fit of your solution. 

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THINGS startups come from all over Sweden. Currently we have 54 epic startups in the house. Apply to join!



We believe that collaboration between startups and enterprises can move mountains. We run several partner programs to support this.  



Get on top of THINGS by joining our events, or book your own event at THINGS. We have an event space that houses up to 100 people, startup style.