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Creates self-learning, neuroscience based intelligence and apply it to the real world.
Michael Collaros, CEO
+46 70 845 23 34

Bumbee labs
With their innovation has created a paradigm shift in measuring footfall; how to translates anonymous smartphone signals into customer intelligence. The solution also serves as a platform for different app functionality as indoor navigation, shoppinglist, scanning etc.
Staffan Liljestrand, CEO

+46 (0) 70-2933144

CaCharge is the key to electric mobility by charging many cars at the same time to the lowest market price. The solution is based on peoples driving- and parking patterns and target locations where the car is parked for some time. By offering connected charging boxes and digital services, we solve the need for real-estate owners, municipalities, companies and others who seek for cost efficient and scalable charging solutions. CaCharge turns charging
Louise Hammarberg
+46 (0)72 731 55 57

Cled Is working on a series of new LED products for entertainment, advertisement and interior design markets. Our products are light and modular with a revolutionary user interface that allow users to manage thousands of different patterns with a user friendly software/app.
Matteo Cavallera
+46 (0)76 109 83 26

Exxentric based on scientific research, Exxentric develops, manufactures and markets smart connected strength training devices. We cater to the needs of customers in the sports performance, rehabilitation and fitness segments all over the world. Our flagship products are the flywheel training device kBox and the feedback system kMeter.
Erik Lindberg, CEO

+46 733-34 68 30

Febtop develops and manufactures the coolest 3D printers with multi-functions. Our first product named iPLUSBOT which has extendable working volume and can do 3D printing, laser engraving, PCB milling and much more.
Tom Yang, CEO
+46 70 015 01 18

Gleechi specialized in making it easy for developers of games and virtual reality applications to animate hands that move and interact realistically. Our award-winning software technology VirtualGrasp™ is based on 8 years of robotics research and fully automates the animation process.
Jakob Johansson, CEO

+46 73 444 19 40

Hidn technology
Hidn technology develops digital health solutions aimed directly towards consumers. The technology is hidden in ordinary things you would normally use and are then wirelessly connected to intelligent coaching health services that help people reach wellbeing through three steps. awareness. knowledge. action.
Jonas Angleflod, CEO

+46 704 92 93 93

IBaround combines marketing expertise with IoT to provide the Travel Retail industry players with the tools to optimize travelers’ engagement and conversion.  
We are retail and marketing specialists always looking for better IoT enablers to reach the 1 billion airlines passengers around the world.
Come to see us or join the discussion on Twitter at @ibaround !
Antoine Heftler, CEO
+46 (0)722 81 5457

Mind Music Labs
Mind Music Labs  MIND’s mission is to improve the way musicians and their audience interact through music. The team does this thanks to musical instruments and accessories that combine Stradivari’s acoustic tradition with digital and IoT technologies. The first product is Sensus, the world’s first Real SmartGuitar, offering guitar players infinite sound modulations and novel ways to reach and interact with their audience.
Michele Benincaso
Mind Music Labs
+46 73 594 36 76

LARA Diagnostics
LARA Diagnostics AB develops a handheld medical device for quick, easy and quantitative assessment and screening of diabetes peripheral nerve injury (DPN).  We aim to digitalize and quantify nerve diagnostics to improve screening, monitoring and decision support for a modernized diabetes care.
Mikael Hillmering
+46 (0) 70 3018923

LuminGo is a Smart Grid solution company adapted to the needs of unreliable grids in emerging markets. We offer a tailor made solution optimized for electricity distribution companies operating in areas with high frequency of power outages and slow speed telecommunication infrastructure.
Christian Kjellsson, CEO
+46 73 078 79 33

Magnea is using advanced machine learning algorithms to measure and quantify movements like walking with a walker, traumatic falls or what side of the body that the patient is lying on.
Johan Hedevåg

+46 73 623 63 40

Meta Solutions
Meta Solutions Using Linked Data technology MetaSolutions offer EntryScape, an information management platform. EntryScape is sold to customers in both public and private sector.
Eric Hjelmestam, CEO
+46(0) 70 721 34 49

Microtracking is a Big Data and IoT service provider specializing in sensor data.  We are a B2B company and believe that IoT is all about information, and that is what we give our customers, key facts and figures to help them run their business. Our cloud service breaks new ground in actionable information, gathered from multiple sensors such as proximity, temperature, moisture RFID and Barcode, analysed and computed in realtime on our server and displayed wherever it is needed, turning data into decisions, fast and without any IT projects.
Chloe Hughes
+ 46 (0) 8 559 23 220

Moggles is a portable headset (the name is a combination of Mobile and Goggles) that together with a hand controller and a smartphone makes it possible to experience the world of Virtual Reality.
Daniel Sandvik, co-founder

+46 702-59 21 40

Onacci is an application that enhances your web communication.  Chat, share and discuss web content publicly or privately with other Onacci users, which can be your friends or other website visitors.  Create and attach discussions to specific web content or search to join existing discussions.  Whether you want to discuss web content with other food lovers, gaming freaks, entrepreneurs or friends, Onacci will easily connect you with them –without you ever needing to leave that website.
Simon Ghebremikael

+46 (0) 737 559 773

Quantified Planet
Quantified Planet is a foundation and global community for open data for people and planet. QP connects personal health to the health of cities and to the health of planet Earth. QP is now at beta development stage. Offices in Stockholm and San Francisco opened in March 2015.
Maja Brisvall
+46 708-926 555

Quirkbot AB
Quirkbot AB is setting out to transform the way we learn and relate to technology. We envision a future where human values such as creativity, curiosity and the empathic drive to help others are nurtured through making. We want to use technology to build a more human society. We believe that’s the whole purpose of technology. 
Carl Bärstad
+46 (0) 733 505 707

RTXD Solution
RTXD Solution keeps an automatic record of where you drive. It is a cost effective and battery powered driver’s journal. Using some smart sensors and a little bit of magic, a single charge will last for over 12000km making sure that you never miss a journey.
Scott Adams

+46 705 262 310

Shortcut labs
Shortcut labs Flic is a button that shortcuts to your favourite smart functions that you can stick everywhere.
Joacim Westlund, CEO

+46 70-9309106

TANNAK is an IoT company with its roots in monitoring of reindeer's. We develop state of the art autonomous solutions with stellar performance.
Peter Selemark, CEO

Tinymondo when we started building Beagle we had just one objective. Make Marketing Automation easy to use by companies of any size. We went down to basics and stripped all the unnecessary features and focused in what customers actually use. Then we wrapped it all with a killer customer profiling and a sweet interface that anyone can use. The result? Companies that close deals faster and easier.
Daniel Castano

+46 (0) 739 123 777

Trivsa making our cities more fun and greener. Our Bikify Us app is an innovative solution to promote cycling and develop local communities. We won the Stockholm Startup Weekend contest, graduated from STING Startup ICT program, and are now in the Speed UP Europe Accelerator.
Luca Comito, CEO
+46 76 716 70 64

Volumental scans your body using mobile devices and use the body data to create customized products.
Anna Malkan, Communication director
+46 70 543 04 13

Wittra is a technology for positioning in the Internet of Moving Things.  The key issues that Wittra® solves are indoor positioning and minimizing the power consumption for positioning outdoors. By utilizing specific ISM frequencies together with patented positioning solutions, Wittra® can track items kilometers from a base station with very low power consumption and outstanding accuracy. Additional technologies, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart, ensure compatibility with existing infrastructure. For remote areas, positioning is enabled with GPS.
Håkan Dackefjord
+46 70 888 10 54

Worldfavor helps companies improve and communicate their sustainability efforts, and in the same time equips individuals with awareness to make conscious decisions and a channel to influence. Our database allows for analysis of sustainability data for multiple stakeholders.
Frida Emilsson
+46 70 638 23 49