5 minutes with Magnus Melander on THINGS’ Get On Top Of (GOTO) concept

What is the concept behind Get On Top Of (GOTO)?

GOTO was established to help Swedish industry prosper. It is a collaborative learning forum bringing together the best minds from our extended community to collectively anticipate, inspire, drive and engage in what will happen next.


What happens during an after-work event?

The format is high energy, 15 min knowledge and insight sharing presentations from 5-6 speakers, followed by a panel discussion, if appropriate. All presenting companies also have a stand-up table to gather interested attendees for further discussion.


What topics are covered and how do you choose them?

We identify key technologies “around the corner” to get relevant people on top of. Like in surfing, timing is key, in order not to start ride a wave too early or to miss it. We started with LPWAN in 2017, added Machine Learning late 2017 and had our first Robotics a couple of weeks ago. The theories, vision and ideas may not be ‘new' but, driven by the shift in context and how it is applied right now, they have become a catalyst for a lot of development.


How often does it happen?

Frequency is driven by the volume of interested corporates and individuals. For example, we have had 8x LPWAN events with a total of 700 attendees and 4x Machine Learning with some 300 attendees. Demand and engagement remains high and we are currently planning our 2018 autumn/ winter events program, so watch this space! All GOTO events are open and announced on our web. 


Which startups and corporates have participated in the past?

At THINGS we know the subject, industry and key players, so we ensure that the mix of attendees at a GOTO event are relevant, interesting and inspiring. Our speakers are people who have been working hands on in the field we cover, since shared experience and insight is far more interesting and inspiring than theories and plans. Furthermore, they have the foresight and open-mindedness to share and be a part of a community. The quality of the companies attending our GOTO events really speaks for themselves. Attendees from our latest GOTO Machine Learning event (03 May 2018):


Accenture, Anticimex, Ashmore, Assa, ASSA ABLOY, Atlas Copco, Avocado, Balfe Arbman Communications, Berghs School of Communication, Berotec, Bonnier News, Cabon, Capgem, Centigo IOT Hub, CIM Coach, Combient, Crosser, Daresay, DEKRA, Doberman, Electrolux, Ericsson, expandtalk, FLIR, FMV, Forest Fund, Handelshögskolan, House Be/E14 Invest, Imagimob, Infracontrol, KTH, Masseengineering, Mobit Consulting, Nackademin, Nordic Guarantee, Northstream, Optonova Sweden, Orange Business Services, Scania, Skanska, Sopra Steria, Studio Foga, SUNMICO, TCO Development, Tiandi, Tritech, TRNPK Sweden, Univrses, Vattenfall, Verisure, Volumental and WSI.


Why is it important for the startups and industry?

Much like the onset of the internet, the digital transformation will have a huge impact on people and it is equally as difficult to figure out what will happen. Success will depend on information, inspiration and relations. So, it is vital to prepare now, to identify what is common and to do this together as a community in order to be a sustainable force in the long term.


How do I become involved/ contribute?

Contact: magnus@thingstockholm.com

 THINGS' latest GOTO ROBOTiCS, hosted on 03 May 2018.

THINGS' latest GOTO ROBOTiCS, hosted on 03 May 2018.

 Magnus melander, THINGS co-Founder, kicking off PROceedings.

Magnus melander, THINGS co-Founder, kicking off PROceedings.

Stina Ehrensvärd, CEO and co-founder of Yubico joins THINGS' Wall of Fame

THINGS’ Wall of Fame is an annual award presented in recognition of an exceptional individual who has built a successful business empire based on pioneering innovative technology that has come to define the world we live in. Thereby acting as an inspirational role model for the startup community in Sweden.

THINGS’ 2018 Wall of Fame is awarded to Stina Ehrensvärd, CEO and co-founder of Yubico. Pär Hedberg, THINGS’ chairman of the board is convinced that Yubico will become the next Swedish unicorn and here is why:

“With a vision to make internet security both user friendly and secure, Stina Ehrensvärd and her husband started Yubico in 2007. Yubico have since become a new standard for secure computer login to computers, mobiles, private networks and services. Today Yubico have an impressive customer list of the biggest international digital corporates with 120 employees and €50 million revenue forecast for 2018 . With a strong vision, healthy stubbornness, innovative technology and complementary founder skills, Yubico have become the true world leader in user friendly and secure internet login technology.”

Yubico’s representative Annie Fornelius received the award on behalf of Stina at THINGS’ 3-year anniversary event which took place  on 22nd March 2018 with 300+ tech startup and industry guests. Stina joined us in spirit with a video message from her Silicon Valley offices, outlining Yubico’s entrepreneurial journey and revealed that the most rewarding aspect of building a successful business comes down to great teamwork. Stina recounted also, how Yubico distilled their vision of making the internet safer for everyone in a half page business plan and targeted only a handful of the really big internet companies on America’s west coast. Success and verification with Google in 2012 meant other services soon followed and they were able to scale their technology to millions of users.


Previous  THINGS’ Hall of Fame recipients:

2017: Nicolas Hassbjer founder of HMS

Nicolas Hassbjer founded HMS in 1988 as a result of a student project at Halmstad Högskola, with a passion for electronics and embedded software,  HMS was an early pioneer of Internet of Things and is today a world leader in industrial communication. HMS have over the years achieved rapid annual growth and closed 2016 with close to 1 Billion SEK in revenue and almost 500 employees. With professional management, continuous innovation and a successful IPO, HMS have developed into a success story within the Internet of things area.

2016: John Elvesjö of Tobii Technology

John is an innovator and entrepreneur with a passion for the core technologies of sensors, optics, digital design and algorithms. Tobii, one of the companies he has founded, is today the global leader in eye tracking. Tobii has pioneered research in many fields and enables communication for tens of thousands of people with special needs.  The Group has some 600 employees and has achieved rapid annual growth since it was founded in 2001. With professional management, continuous innovation and a successful IPO, Tobii have developed into a success story

2015: Martin Gren, co-founder of Axis Communications

Axis was the first company in the world to launch a network camera in 1996, initiating the shift from analog to digital technology. Today Axis is the global market leader in network video, driving the industry by continually launching innovative network products based on an open platform - delivering high value to customers through a global partner network. Solid management, continuous innovation and a world-class indirect sales organisation has made this company started by students in Lund a true success story.

 Stina Ehrensvärd, founder of Yubico accepts THINGS' 2018 Wall of Fame award via a video message from her Silicon Valley offices.

Stina Ehrensvärd, founder of Yubico accepts THINGS' 2018 Wall of Fame award via a video message from her Silicon Valley offices.

 Pär Hedberg, THINGS' chairman of the board presenting the award.

Pär Hedberg, THINGS' chairman of the board presenting the award.

Enterprise Circle Executive Summit: 22 March 2018

THINGS Stockholm’s Executive Summit is a first time gathering of our Enterprise Circle corporate partners and startup members and friends at our co-working space which is located on the KTH campus. 33 corporates and 15 startups participated on a half day knowledge and experience exchange consisting of: 1. Collaborative case studies between corporates and startups. 2. 10x 5 minutes speed pitches from THINGS members’ and friends’ startups and 3. Insights and talks from corporates and corporate ventures. Our common interest is a commitment to innovation and technologies, which are defining the future.


Collaborations between startups and corporates make perfect sense.

A study by Ignite Sweden of 600 business meetings showed that the top 2 priorities when collaborating are, for corporations: 1. Explore new technologies. 2. Access to entrepreneurial talent and energy and for startups: 1. Developing strategic partnerships. 2. Accessing markets/ developing channels.


“Collaborations are critically powerful” (Enterprise Circle corporate partner)

Frank and insightful discussion ensued with world class collaborative case studies presented to a 60+ strong engaged audience.

  • Ekkono x Alfa Laval (Jon Lindén, CEO Ekkono & Jan Ackalin, Head of Automation, Alfa Laval.
  • Springworks x Telia Company (Thomas Ericson, Deputy CEO, Springworks & Jens-Peter Meesenburg, Director of Industry verticals, Global M2M/ IoT, Division X Telia Company).
  • Imagimob x Autoliv (Anders Hardebring, CEO Imagimob).
  • MTEK x Nokia (Mattias Andersson, CEO, MTEK & Grant Marshall, VP Supply Networks & Engineering/ Global Operations, Nokia).
  • H&D Wireless x Scania (Pär Bergsten, CEO ,H&D Wireless).


A central theme was the importance of trust and passion in order to jointly exploit the huge opportunities for innovation and how to balance the challenges of aligning two different cultures. This was underscored by Ulf Södergren, CTO, Assa Abloy, where he shared his serious commitment to startup collaborations in designing and implementing a rigorous collaboration strategy and process.


10x 5 min speed pitches by THINGS members and friends startups were peppered throughout the half day executive summit which was rounded up by Malin Carlström, Sr VP Northern Europe, ABB Technology Venture and Magnus Lundin, Head of Nordics and Baltics, Siemens next47. The corporate venture giants reinforced the importance and need for disruption and innovation. We can’t agree more.

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3DVerkstan and THINGS partner to enable better hardware development with 3D Printing and the new Ultimaker 3

“Our partnership with 3DVerkstan enables our members to experiment with new designs and faster iterations, which in turn increases throughput in their product development.”, says Linda Krondahl, CEO at THINGS. “Our members are startups; they need to be quick and adaptive, building on the strength of being a small organisation. Having 24*7 access to good prototyping tools and solutions is key in making that happen.”

“We are happy to deliver not only 3D printing technology, but also continuous training to the members of THINGS so that they can iterate prototypes quickly and bring out their innovations quicker to the marketplace.”, says Daniel Ljungstig, CEO at 3DVerkstan.

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Premiere of Ny Tekniks IoT pod with Linda Krondahl!

Utvecklingen inom Internet of Things går i rasande takt. Första avsnittet av IoT-podden ger en övergripande bild av utvecklingen och trenderna.
Programledarna Paulina Modlitba Söderlund och Fredrik Karlsson gästas av Linda Krondahl, vd och medgrundare på Things, en hubb för hårdvaru-startups på KTH i Stockholm. Ur innehållet: Var i organisationen behövs kompetens inom IoT? Hur startar jag ett IoT-projekt? Nedslag på World Mobile Congress och Industrial Internet of Things. Drönare med laserscanner räddar liv i gruvor. Talande dockor som kan hackas. Och det övergripande frågan: Hur skapar IoT värde?

Lyssna på avsnitt 1läs artikelnIoT-poddens facebook



THINGS companies nominated for Swedish Mobile Awards 2017

Swedish Mobile awards is a 19 years old institution on the Swedish Tech Scene and several of the Swedish unicorns once were awarded there. The Award ceremony is part of Connected Business Days, which for the first time taking place in spectacular Studio in Malmö away from Stockholm. 

It amazing to see four of the members from THINGS are nominated for the awards this year which not only underlines the importance of hardware in IoT but also indicates the cretical role THINGS plays as the hardware hub for startup in Stockholm.

Neuelabs is one of the nominees for the IoT Hardware Company Award, where ideas brought to life from prototype to production in fashion tech and wearables. Inkonova drones on the other hand have the ultimate drone for mine and tunnel operations. Who is also nominated for the IoT Hardware Company Award 2017.

Light Flex and Racefox share the nomination for Innovation of the year Award at the Swedish Mobile awards. Light Flex works with printed active light incorporated in clothing. Racefox is chosen as one of the nominee for their work with real time motion analysis through sensor for skiers.

"We are partners to Connected Business Days in Malmö and I will be very proud to see our members entering the stage on Thursday”, says Linda Krondahl, CEO of THINGS. “We are celebrating our 2 year anniversary at THINGS March 30 and having four nominees at the Swedish Mobile Awards already feels absolutely great”, concludes Mrs Krondahl. 

2016-03-01 ICES becomes Networking Partner to THINGS

THINGS welcomes our new Networking Partner ICES, the KTH Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems! ICES involves members from research groups at the CSC, ICT, ITM and EES Schools working closely with a wide range of industrial partners. The aim is to tackle the issues faced by those researching and working in the increasingly complex field of embedded systems today.