Clean air –the world’s most advanced anti-pollution mask. 

Antourage is a combination of a mobile broadcasting app and a production dashboard. By using our platform, independent creators can run effective businesses, brands can get the huge reach of social media, and producers can coordinate content across dozens of channels at once.

Cargo Beacon
CargoBeacon is a compact, easy to use, affordable and rugged solution for logging multiple cargo environment data.

We are a young STING company (Sep 2016), finalist from Venture Cup and with a globally scalable business idea on environmental & safety marking (CE marking) of products; a market which has not yet been digitized. Our web service is a start to digitize this whole market. We automate, streamline and simplify a complex area, where all the work currently is done manually. We lower the cost by 60% and the lead time by 80% and makes the customer independent of external consultants! The user is guided through the complex EU set of rules and using the system's accumulated expertise, the user's unique requirements is found, from thousands of possible combinations. In this industry, this is revolutionary, since digitization has not yet taken place.

Imagine a way to gather all the information you need for your business effortlessly and without even noticing. We develop cutting edge IoT technologies that fit your everyday demands. We would love to make your life easier, ask us today how we can help you to get an easier tomorrow.

We make connected things smart through online learning that empowers you to detect anomalies, predict future performance and failures, do forecast-based optimization, and identify what makes them perform better and more intuitively.

Featherway Robotics                                                                                                              
Featherway Robotics develops a compact and lightweight robot arm using a sensored carbon fiber platform for use in industry and the service fields. Using artificial intelligence Featherway Robotics intends to introduce the next generation collaborative robot arm.  

Gemit                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Gemit Solutions developer and delivers innovative IT solutions. We stand behind EnvoMap, aCurve and envoCAS. Solutions that support your business and are fun to use.   

Greenlytics provides data science solutions for the power industry. Our vision is to harness the power of data to create a sustainable energy future. Our first product, WindMind, is a tool to create ultra-accurate wind power forecasts, which enables wind power producers to lower imbalance costs, increase profitability of wind power and make wind power cheaper for the consumer. WindMind is bases on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence that lowers the error in the forecasts with 10-30% compared to today’s industry standard.

Howdy - Worklife Barometer
Howdy is an evidence based system used to pick up on early signals of stress and reduced wellbeing in the workplace.

Ingrid Cloud
Adaptive Simulations offered a cloud-based service (SaaS), providing customers with fully automated flow simulations/CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). This eliminates sub-optimisations due to human error, increases accuracy and lowers the cost of simulations with around 70%. But above all, their unique automated solution makes the complex easy.

Inkonova specializes in development of innovative drone products, especially of the multirotor type (quadcopter, hexacopter, octacopter, etc). While becoming very popular, industrial and hobbyist drones still have a lot of room for improvement and new opportunities from the applications and technology point of view: here is where we, at Inkonova, can make a difference developing what it does not still exist or greatly improving current drones. 

Kavalri Games
Kavalri Games emerged from the passion for creating qualitative equestrian games. We’re developing the mobile game Equestrian the Horse game – a game which lets the player build their equestrian career from the ground up. Our players are mostly girls with an equestrian interest, and they’re passionately supporting our development.

Labtrino is an IoT- and machine learning startup that meters and visualizes hot and cold water consumption in apartments - on an outlet level. Our smartphone application creates awareness of water consumption by comparing it among peers and offer individually tailored and smart nudges to eliminate unnecessary overconsumption. Non-invasive ultrasonic metering technology enables apartment metering for billing leak risk-free and cost-efficiently, instead of sharing the building’s total cost based on apartment size or number of residents.

Light-Flex has been driven by one key goal: to move garment safety features from existing passive reflectivity to independent active light. While working with the law enforcement sector we became conscious of the danger that insufficient visibility could present and how high-visibility equipment was not enough. Light-Flex is the solution to this. It is a new, patented technology which is incorporated as a new ingredient, into already existing soft and hard wearable, to enhance and increase visibility.

LocalLife is the social network for your neighbourhood. A service built upon our original social network, the local community. A social place where local topics and opportunities can be shared for developing the local community together.

Meloq is a medical device that is designed to help physiotherapists assess the mobility of their patients. This assessment is done to better understand the status of the patients and to follow up the rehabilitation progress.  

Minnemera is analyzing working memory abilities for early identification of causes and potential diagnosis.

MTEK Industry
We solve problems. We believe in people with passion for innovation and creativity, and we bring these people together with the latest proven tools, techniques and methods. We live Industry 4.0, borderless, transparent and with right level automation. We can support with processes on both rapid and remote prototyping.

The tech playground for creatives.
Automat is a hardware and software platform for makers, gamers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, 
studios and agencies.

Nutrient is a FoodTech Startup developing concepts and processes for producing climate-friendly proteins and nutrients. We aim to make a real difference by producing sustainable food in a truly circular way where nothing goes to waste. By using untapped resources and converting them into new proteins we strive to innovate the value chain from farm to table.

Ocado real-time control systems and robotics, computer vision systems, machine learning and AI, simulation, data science, forecasting and routing systems, inference engines, cloud, IoT, big data and more.

Peopl provide a digital service to help employers create and maintain high quality working environments.  Our automated platform for risk management, delegation, and employee surveys and checklists produces vital workplace intelligence for our customers.

PerceptilLabs is a Deep Learning company developing the software QuantumNet. With a vision of democratizing artificial intelligence, QuantumNet simplifies the creation and understanding of AI-models by removing the need of programming and deep mathematical knowledge. The programming is replaced with a simple drag & drop of building blocks where the user e.g. can go into each building block and see how the AI-model learns in real-time.

Performance Sk8                                                                                                                                                                                               Performance Sk8 researches, designs and produces the next generation of skateboard technologies. The patented performance enhancing solutions give children, youngsters and professionals globally a more fun skateboarding experience. With innovations solving real problems for skaters and also the industry, Performance Sk8 - the skatetech company - is aiming to disrupt the industry before skateboarding becomes part of the Olympic Games 2020.                                                                                                                          

Picture My Life
We want to improve everyday life for children with special needs, their parents and teachers by providing two image-based and user-friendly digital tools: Dagboken (The Diary) and Torget (The Information Hub)

Playirfair is an online platform and Virtual Game-based Assessment and Research Center (VGRAC) for recruitment and development of talents and organizations. Through the VGRAC, companies can set up, manage and follow-up games that simulates authentic situations in the workplace. It is possible to follow the players’ (candidates’ and employees’) performance and learning agility.

When you shut off devices running on standby power, you save energy and money. The power from one plant will be enough for more households and companies. When we all do this, we save incredibly much energy. Enough to shut down several coal power plants. This is a very simple way to help saving the planet.
Poweraware brings you The Pac, the Power Aware Cord. It’s just like a normal power strip, with one difference. Pointed out as one of the 50 best innovations in the world by TIME magazine, it simply makes electric energy visible with a flow of beautiful blue-green light along the cable. The more current, the faster the light spirals.
Researchers have found that making the power visible tuned consumers in to their power usage, making them aware, nudging them to power down. The Pac is the most simple and democratic power saving device – everyone understands it and everyone can choose to shut off.

Realisator Robotics
Robot to serve the needs of rescue services.

Relox Robotics
At Relox Robotics we develop autonomous robots for different applications. Our first robot sets out to automate ball picking on driving ranges. This time consuming and costly task is made efficient by using high precision GPS technology and complex path planning algorithms. The robot gathers data over time which can be used both to further improve the path planning and to be shared with the golf course to provide valuable statistics to its clients.

Reinventing VMI! We save companies time and money by digitalizing the B2B purchasing process with multi-point ERP integrations and optional lean Industrial Vending Machines!What on earth does this mean? 
Forgetting to buy consumables for your company can result in production stops and expensive emergency orders. Using our software and optional hardware, all purchasing activities are digitalized. When a product is consumed it is registered via barcode scanning or a chip-key. The purchase-transaction is instantly registered in the vendor’s- and consuming company’s computer systems. Re-stocking and book-keeping is automatic.

Our goal is to make computer vision easy to use and accessible for everyone. To do so, we are building an easy to use platform, which consists of a Cloud Computing backend together with an interactive toolbox. This platform allows both developers and non-developers to utilize state-of-the-art Computer Vision tools in their projects.

SciPro’s Thesis Management System is an Internet-based support for managing thesis work (master’s, master’s and doctoral theses). It allows the entire thesis writing process to be managed in a clear and structured way.  It gives students a clear methodology, supervisors a channel to communicate with students and decrease their administrative workload, and school administrators a total overview.  In short, SciPro reduces students’ stress levels, supervisors’ workloads and administrators’ headaches.

Stockholm School of Energy
Stockholm School of Energy is a private High Education Specialist Competence Building center for energy application. is a private High Education Specialist Competence Building center for energy application.

SynkTek develops a data acquisition instrument, a synchronized lock-in amplifier system, initially built to conduct advanced fundamental physics research at Stockholm University. The system can be used in advanced scientific instrumentation as well as remote and embedded control systems requiring small space and low power. The measurement system acquires several analog voltage signals from sensors and detectors with the best possible resolution, replacing complex traditional measurement systems. The measurements of all signal channels are perfectly synchronized allowing acquisition of the full system state at high sampling rate.      

Tortalk creates text to speech applications for schools, Universities and workplaces. Our end users are people with dyslexia, ADHD and those who prefer to listen to their second language. TorTalks software removes barriers, help increase efficiency and reduce stress for users. For example, today we reach 75 % of the students in Sweden and feedback tells us about completed classes and an honest chance to graduate using TorTalk.

Warpzone Studios
Warpzone Studios is founded by three game industry veterans. Our goal is to make deeply engaging strategy games for mainly PC. We will aim to create games with superior replay-ability and high quality, while keeping close contact with our players and encouraging user modifications and extensions.

Waysure research, develop and provide consulting for high accuracy navigation systems including Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and motion sensors.  Current solutions are high accuracy and expensive, or low accuracy and affordable. Waysure provide high accuracy with affordability.


Zipforce has developed a portable bike engine that can be mounted on any bike, on and off to reduce theft risk and is much cheaper than buying an electric bicycle. They make it easy to convert a regular bike to an electric bike.