Our members, partners and visitors make THINGS® Matter. The people and their companies bring excitement, energy and expertise. Ideas, insight and innovations happens continuously in an environment like this. This is why we carefully select our THINGS® Members and Partners. THINGS® does not acquire any equity in member companies.



Stylaero works for the next evolution of human- computer interaction. Today Stylaero offers solution for controlling computers in new ways, like playing games with your toys or making pathology more efficient by saving motion data.

Oscar Spaak, CEO
+46 (0) 739-77 72 52

IIOX offers an all in one solution combining consulting services and secure cloud-based Internet of Things platform for industrial and enterprise applications with several different and universally applicable functionalities for gathering, processing and presenting data in real time

Patrik Björkman, CEO
070 320 14 24

Anymaker is a 3D modelling app, created to make 3D modelling available for everyone, especially children. It is not just a fun and exciting way for children to express their creativity but also improves their analytical and spatial ability.
Magnus Thesen
+46 (0)708 634853

Local Life
Local life is the social network for your neighbourhood. A service built upon our original social network, the local community. A social place where local topics and opportunities can be shared for developing the local community together.

Gustav Westergren


Evothings offer a mobile app development tool tailored for connected devices and IoT. With Evothings Studio, it is easy and efficient to create mobile apps for a broad range of connected devices. Evothings assist industrial companies in creating IoT-solutions, by providing products and services. 

Tomas Uppgård, CEO


Meloq is a medical device that is designed to help physiotherapists assess the mobility of their patients. This assessment is done to better understand the status of the patients and to follow up the rehabilitation progress.

Rui Chen, CEO  

We make connected things smart through online learning that empowers you to detect anomalies, predict future performance and failures, do forecast-based optimization, and identify what makes them perform better and more intuitively.

Jon Linden,

Single Technologies
SINGLE develops the worlds fastest 3D video microscope

Johan Strömqvist, CEO

Telkey Solutions develops and sells access solutions based on our patented technology called mTAC™ (Mobile Temporary Access Codes). The client creates virtual timekeys in the cloud that are used to open areas - homes, cottages, offices, service areas, lockers, sports facilities. We don't develop our own locks but rather software and embedded systems.

Jim Theorell, Contact
+46 (0) 706 18 55 56

Fi-Craft brings video gamification to Smart Cities using FIWARE technology. We do this by creating a system for decentralized video production and gamification of the videos into educational learning games.

Björn Paulsson, Team Leader


Picture My Life
We want to improve everyday life for children with special needs, their parents and teachers by providing two image-based and user-friendly digital tools: Dagboken (The Diary) and Torget (The Information Hub)

Yvonne Malmström Grimme, CEO
+46 (0) 70-724 09 03




SoftAlarm develops and sells services for personal security and safety to consumers and corporate users.. With SoftAlarm in your smartphone, you can customize your personal security for your own needs. With the mobile service, you can send alarms, manually or automatically, up to 12 recipients simultaneously. You trigger the alarm by pressing the alarm button in the SoftAlarm app or via one of the other security features. Available for iOS and Android.

Per Dahl, CEO

Imagine a way to gather all the information you need for your business effortlessly and without even noticing. We develop cutting edge IoT technologies that fit your everyday demands. We would love to make your life easier, ask us today how we can help you to get an easier tomorrow.

Daniel Ström, CEO
+46 (0)36-33 20 822

Stockholm School of Energy
Stockholm School of Energy is a private High Education Specialist Competence Building center for energy application. is a private High Education Specialist Competence Building center for energy application.

Jafar Mahmoudi
+46-70 741 5056


LUP Technologies
LUP creates a new information standard for truck freight with the vision that all logistical places are searchable via a LUP number. A GPS shows the best route between A and B. LUP tells you what A and B are eg information about where in an industrial area a cargo is located and the status right now. LUP's technology is used to collect, sort and present location information for truck freight.

JakobArmö, CEO
+46 (0) 72 309 80 75

Logo vert 2.png

Inkonova specializes in development of innovative drone products, especially of the multirotor type (quadcopter, hexacopter, octacopter, etc). While becoming very popular, industrial and hobbyist drones still have a lot of room for improvement and new opportunities from the applications and technology point of view: here is where we, at Inkonova, can make a difference developing what it does not still exist or greatly improving current drones.

Pau Mallol, CEO
+46 (0) 72 222 66 86 

Ngenic tune is a smart thermostat, an extra brain used to heat up your house. Ngenic tune saves energy and money for you, so that you can do something else.

Fredrik Fernlund
+46 (0)73-987 54 81

Light-Flex has been driven by one key goal: to move garment safety features from existing passive reflectivity to independent active light. While working with the law enforcement sector we became conscious of the danger that insufficient visibility could present and how high-visibility equipment was not enough. Light-Flex is the solution to this. It is a new, patented technology which is incorporated as a new ingredient, into already existing soft and hard wearable, to enhance and increase visibility.

Viktoria Bäcksin, CEO
+46(0)72 229 6160 (temporary)

Linkura continuously measure the health and stress level in your organization and adds measurable steps when needed. We have industry-leading results by combining the latest in research, technology and high-class coaching. 

08-400 260 70

The Internet of Things Accessible to Everyone

Thomas Backlund
+46 (0)765552136                   

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 10.32.48.png

Our goal is to make computer vision easy to use and accessible for everyone. To do so, we are building an easy to use platform, which consists of a Cloud Computing backend together with an interactive toolbox. This platform allows both developers and non-developers to utilize state-of-the-art Computer Vision tools in their projects.

When you shut off devices running on standby power, you save energy and money. The power from one plant will be enough for more households and companies. When we all do this, we save incredibly much energy. Enough to shut down several coal power plants. This is a very simple way to help saving the planet.

Poweraware brings you The Pac, the Power Aware Cord. It’s just like a normal power strip, with one difference. Pointed out as one of the 50 best innovations in the world by TIME magazine, it simply makes electric energy visible with a flow of beautiful blue-green light along the cable. The more current, the faster the light spirals.

Researchers have found that making the power visible tuned consumers in to their power usage, making them aware, nudging them to power down. The Pac is the most simple and democratic power saving device – everyone understands it and everyone can choose to shut off.

Erik Tutzauer
+46 70 270 16 58

Surf Cleaner
Surf cleaner collects everything that floats on a surface with a brand new cleaning process. It is so energy efficient that it can be powered by solar energy. Surfcleaner cleans surface of debris, oil skimmer, heavy oil, algae and proteins. Our customers are all those who have problems with pollution on water. Surfcleaner has various applications and can be individually adapted. They can be used in narrow wells, ports, offshore, etc.

Christina Lundbäck
+46 (0) 708 688 826

The tech playground for creatives.
Automat is a hardware and software platform for makers, gamers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, 
studios and agencies.

Fredrik Timour


SynkTek develops a data acquisition instrument, a synchronized lock-in amplifier system, initially built to conduct advanced fundamental physics research at Stockholm University. The system can be used in advanced scientific instrumentation as well as remote and embedded control systems requiring small space and low power. The measurement system acquires several analog voltage signals from sensors and detectors with the best possible resolution, replacing complex traditional measurement systems. The measurements of all signal channels are perfectly synchronized allowing acquisition of the full system state at high sampling rate.

Holger Motzkau
+46 (0) 762 15 26 96      

BellPal is a watch with a fall detection alarm and positioning system for seniors and their caregiver ecosystem including relatives, care providers and senior homes. BellPal detects and prevents falls and enables personalized, preventative care improving the quality of life for seniors and their loved ones. BellPal is for seniors living in their own homes or in senior care facilities. BellPal's positioning system works indoors and outdoors.

David Ziemsky
(0)704 53 96


EVAM H&E solutions
Motorist are alerted at an earlier stage of the changed traffic situation giving them more time to safely plan their driving. Emergency vehicles will be spotted earlier so they can shorten response times and feel more safe while working to save others.

Alex Hedberg, CEO & Co-founder
+46 (0)70 730 90 07

Speakerbox is a combination of a mobile broadcasting app and a production dashboard. It allows independent content creators to be fully integrated into the media business, and makes digital, social media an equal partner to traditional media.By using our platform, independent creators can run effective businesses, brands can get the huge reach of social media, and producers can coordinate content across    dozens of channels at once. The connected generations want interactive, niche media, and we want to give it to them. Speakerbox is the new network, and it’s better than live.

Johan Junker
+ 46 70 922 9517

Adaptive Simulations
Adaptive Simulations offered a cloud-based service (SaaS), providing customers with fully automated flow simulations/CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). This eliminates sub-optimisations due to human error, increases accuracy and lowers the cost of simulations with around 70%. But above all, their unique automated solution makes the complex easy.


Sebastian Desand
+ 46 73 370 5834

Sourcekid is an educational game for families, preschools and schools that empowers children to design and prototype toys.  It’s made of an app integrated with a construction kit and a playground connectivity package. The game enhances children’s creativity and resourcefulness by letting them exercise a consistent impact on their daily environment, otherwise always presented as given. While playing together with the iterations of a design making process, children develop emotional competence and social skills. The toy, for a child, is never an independent floating object, it is always tied to a place, a story and an emotional context. For this reason, Sourcekid combines the toy with a piece of the playing field and provides the connectivity that supports this bond. Our mission is to enable the full potential of what we assume to be the most valuable renewable resource at hand: the child's mind.

Claudio Calderoni
+ 46 76 133 4788

Tölve is a team of data scientists and statisticians, challenging the lead generation industry. We combine machine learning, statistical techniques and text analysis to create a unique algorithm for each company. This algorithm predicts which leads are most likely to generate a successful sale. We can also design a unique algorithm for each product or service that a company has. With data driven sales you will save time and increase revenue.

Emil Magnusson
+ 46 72 307 7758

RALVA Affärsutveckling AB is developing own business and others from a very early and young stage. With a positive and bold attitude  we will fearlessly establish ourselves in the market.

Henrik Ralvert
+ 46 76 86577 66

Racefox is your digital skiing coach that analyses your movements, finds your potential and takes you to the next level. 

Magnus Jonsson
+ 46 70 322 7578

With we will add superpowers to any video stream or off the shelf camera so companies can understand, classify, and create valuable data from the video they capture.

Michael Höglund, CEO

Cumbari is a Swedish system technology company. We design and develop technologies that connects Internet to the physical world. We offer a proximity technology that makes any mobile phone, any on-line service and any IP based device to communicate in physical establishments. The technology is called Cumbari DPS Technology - Device Proximity Service
It´s a middleware that connects mobile phones in proximity mode to any IP-enabled physical touchpoint.

Kent Bogestam CEO
Mob +467 0377 0250