What if we could capture the power of the makers movement, the rapid Internet of Things development and the mind-blowing 3D printing and scanning opportunities and blend it with Sweden's great engineers, designers, entrepreneurs and successful export companies? Well, a year later we open the doors to THINGS® at KTH Campus down-town Stockholm where we are gathering people and companies with hardware part of their solutions and global aspirations. We will have 35-40 selected start-ups in areas like IoT, wearables, 3D scanning/printing, medtech and smart grids at THINGS® together with our main, technology, service and networking partners. Sweden's first and biggest makers organisation, Stockholm Makerspace, rent our basement, the Stockholm IoT meet-up group with 1400 members are networking partners as well as SMSE, the alliance of Swedish IoT start-ups, with their 38 members and 13 partners. We have already made THINGS® the obvious place to keep an eye on for people interested in hardware, and to visit when in town. The value of THINGS® is the sum of energy, activity and skill among the people visiting and working in the house. We will make sure that our 100 person event space is fully booked, that our 100 m2 open lounge will be busy and enable endless amounts of interesting ad-hoc meetings and discussion and that light is always on in our workshop. The best way to follow THINGS@ is to subscribe to our email updates and visit us when in town. Please let us know if you are interested in membership, partnership or to run an event in our fantastic environment. 

STING helps ambitious entrepreneurs turn their business ideas and startups into successful international companies. STING evaluates some 250 business ideas per year within ICT, Internet/media, Smart Energy and Life Science, and accepts 10% of them into two programs: STING Incubate and STING Accelerate. The support includes coaching in business development, financing, recruiting and marketing. STING is a co-founder of SUP46, the successful co-working space for digital startups in Stockholm, and STING also made THINGS® come through.THINGS® is an independent company owned by STING and the staff.

What makes THINGS® unique is that we don't take any equity from the start-ups, the unparalleled prototyping and testing capabilities we can offer our members and the partnerships with leading Swedish export enterprises with hardware part of their solutions.



Pär Hedberg, CEO STING, Chairman THINGS®

Linda Krondahl, CEO THINGS®

Magnus Melander, Evangelist THINGS®, CEO Wbird AB and Founder SMSE